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RE: CVE Get Together at NIST ITSAC?

Great idea. I'll be there.


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> Subject: CVE Get Together at NIST ITSAC?
> Folks,
> I know several of us will be at the NIST ITSAC event in Washington DC next
> week.
> Despite the busyness of business, it may provide us with an opportunity to
> meet face to face. I know there are several people who I've not met in
> person yet and several who I haven't seen in a while.
> How about this...
> As a starting point, how about we pencil in a meeting time of Monday night
> at 9:00pm eastern time to meet for after dinner drinks/dessert.   That should
> allow people some time to grab dinner as business needs dictate and,
> assuming we can find a decent place for drinks, a better location to talk.
> Location remains a mystery. The few times I've been in Crystal City I've been,
> well, underwhelmed by the dining and drinking alternatives.   I suspect we'll
> end up in the hotel bar at the hotel where the majority of us are staying.
> To that end, if you're interested, please let me know where you're staying or
> if you any good suggestions for locations.
> Otherwise, I'll put out a final location on Monday.
> -Dave
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