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CVE Get Together at NIST ITSAC?


I know several of us will be at the NIST ITSAC event in Washington DC next week.

Despite the busyness of business, it may provide us with an opportunity to meet face to face. I know there are several people who I've not met in person yet and several who I haven't seen in a while.

How about this...

As a starting point, how about we pencil in a meeting time of Monday night at 9:00pm eastern time to meet for after dinner drinks/dessert.   That should allow people some time to grab dinner as business needs dictate and, assuming we can find a decent place for drinks, a better location to talk.

Location remains a mystery. The few times I've been in Crystal City I've been, well, underwhelmed by the dining and drinking alternatives.   I suspect we'll end up in the hotel bar at the hotel where the majority of us are staying.

To that end, if you're interested, please let me know where you're staying or if you any good suggestions for locations.

Otherwise, I'll put out a final location on Monday.

David Mann | Principal Infosec Scientist | The MITRE Corporation
e-mail:damann@mitre.org | cell:781.424.6003

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