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[BOARD] Jimmy Alderson has joined the Editorial Board

Jimmy Alderson of e-Security has joined the the Editorial Board as a
technical member.  His tasks will involve CIEL and voting.

Jimmy has been heavily involved in the development of e-Security's
correlation engine, which links events and data from multiple IDSes,
firewalls, and other devices.  He is both an integrator and user of
other products, and he has dealt with some of the issues that CIEL is
trying to address.  His prior experience includes work at the Navy's
Fleet Information Warfare Center (FIWC) and ISS.

Jimmy's bio follows:

  Jimmy Alderson has an extensive background in the field of computer
  security.  He served at the Navy's Fleet Information Warfare Center
  (FIWC) as an analyst in the Automated System Intrusion Measurement
  (ASIM) project, a military predecessor of Intrusion Detection
  Systems.  Also at FIWC he performed vulnerability analysis and
  assessment for the navy.mil domain.  Leaving FIWC, Mr Alderson then
  joined ISS in December of 97.  Here he served as a consultant and
  instructor, finishing his stint by developing the first
  comprehensive training program for RealSecure.  Jimmy left ISS to
  apply his expertise to real world commercial networks by joining the
  security team at USInternetworking (USI), an Application Service
  Provider located in Maryland.  During his time here he developed a
  series of programs that culminated in a central repository and
  console for all enterprise wide cross-vendor IDS and Firewall logs
  as well as a web based application for customers to view their
  security reports.  It was here with Ron Gula that he pioneered the
  use of the Shomiti Tap to reduce the cost and increase the breadth
  of IDS.

  After leaving USI Mr Alderson had a short stint at the Meta Security
  Group (MSG) as a security consultant and pen-tester. Longing to have
  an impact on security software, he joined e-Security in a role of
  software consultant and security engineer.  He has been with
  e-Security for almost two years during which time he has integrated
  the software to many cross vendor applications as well as designed
  and developed the Real Time Alert Correlation engine in use today.

Welcome aboard, Jimmy!

- Steve

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