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[BOARD] Franck Veysset has joined the Editorial Board

Franck Veysset of Intranode has joined the Editorial Board as a
technical member.  His primary task will be voting on candidates.

Franck's presence on the Editorial Board helps to fill several gaps.
Intranode is a security assessment service, and Franck works closely
with the assessment team.  As a resident of France, Franck would also
help the Board to increase its international representation, a goal
that was identified by the Board in the March 2001 meeting.  Franck is
also involved in the FIRST organization, for example as a program
chair member for the FIRST 2002 conference.

Franck's bio follows:

  Franck is a network security engineer working for Intranode, a major
  French software editor dedicated to e-security solutions.  As an
  Intranode Security Labs researcher, he develops new security
  assessment techniques in strong relation with security watch team.
  Furthermore, he works on risk assessment model, and has elaborated a
  metric, the IRF (Internet Risk Factor) for Internet Risk analysis,
  comparisons and trends.

  Through a first experience as a systems administrator, he developed
  strong knowledge in network security. He then joined France Telecom
  R&D Lab, where he developed security audit activity, methodology and
  associated tools and was an official France Telecom representative
  for IETF security workgroups. Just prior to Intranode, he was a
  security architect for Global One.

  Franck is an active contributor in the French security community: he
  is a board member of the French Network and Information System
  Security Observatory. He also regularly gives lectures in security
  conferences, including Eurosec, Infosec, FIRST. Franck is a program
  chair member for the 2002 FIRST 14th Annual Computer Security
  Incident Handling Conference.

Welcome aboard, Franck!

- Steve

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