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[BOARD] Stu Green has joined the Editorial Board

Stu Green of Tiger Testing has joined the Editorial Board.

Stu is involved in a variety of activities at Tiger Testing, much of
them centered around penetration testing (which is under-represented
on the Board) as well as vulnerability analysis.  He comes from a wide
background with a variety of skills in programming languages and
networking.  His primary task will involve regular voting on

Stu's bio follows:

  Mr. Green is a co-founder and managing director of Tiger Testing.
  Mr. Green's management role includes hands-on responsibilities as
  Tiger Testing's lead technologist.  As the leader of Tiger Testing's
  Research and Development division, he is responsible for staying
  up-to-date and taking full advantage of all the latest (and ever
  changing) hardware, software, and networking technologies related to
  Internet security.  In addition, as one of the senior principals in
  the firm, he is also involved in every other facet of management.

  Stu Green is senior technologist with over thirty years of advanced
  technology and security experience.  His roles have included that of
  a project manager, lead engineer, senior designer, knowledge
  engineer, system documentor, manager of technical support, teacher
  of graduate computer science, and technical editor for a national
  book publisher.  Mr. Green has contributed to the development of
  various leading edge hardware, software, and networking
  technologies, is an active participant in industry standards bodies
  and professional associations, and is a recognized expert in the
  fields of security, operating systems, and networking.

  Prior to co-founding Tiger Testing, Mr. Green had a variety of
  positions that were directly related to advanced technology and
  security.  He was a system designer at ATT-Bell Labs, an operating
  system/network consultant for: ITT/NTT/IBM, and a senior Unix
  support engineer for Tandem.  He has done system, network and
  security design and support work for: the Securities Industry
  Automation Corp. (SIAC), the New York Stock Exchange, regional Bell
  operating companies, Cable & Wireless, the French and Swedish PTT's,
  Motorola Cellular (Europe) and NTT.


  Internet security, R&D, engineering and programming, systems
  development, quality assurance, networking, telecommunications, open
  source software, electronic privacy, symbolic processing, training
  and education, organizational/staff development, account management,
  and international project/people management.

Welcome aboard, Stu!

- Steve

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