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[BOARD] Al Huger has joined the Editorial Board

Al Huger of SecurityFocus has joined the Editorial Board.  Al is
heavily involved in SecurityFocus' ARIS predictor service and incident
handling in general.  He deals with the integration of intrusion
detection information from multiple vendor products, and as such has
direct experience with some of the challenges that CIEL is trying to
address.  In this sense, he fills a gap on the Editorial Board.  His
primary task will be CIEL.

Al's bio follows:

  Alfred Huger is the VP of Engineering and Initial Founder of
  SecurityFocus a security Intelligence company. Alfred was also the
  Initial Founder of Secure Networks Inc. (acquired by Network
  Associates in 1998). At Secure Networks Alfred managed general
  operations and project development of award-winning products and
  tools such as Ballista (later renamed CyberCop Scanner), CASL,
  NetBIOS Auditing Tool (NAT) as well as various research projects
  around vulnerability discovery and IDS evasion. While at Network
  Associates, he served as a director of engineering. During his
  tenure, he continued to lead development teams on projects including
  the industry's first commercial "Honeypot/net" intrusion-detection
  technology. In 1996, before working commercially in the computer
  security industry, Mr. Huger took part in Avalon Security Research,
  a nonprofit research group that was responsible for publishing the
  first public Linux (x86) buffer overflow vulnerability.

Welcome aboard, Al!

- Steve

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