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[CVEPRI] Process for Adding New Members to the Editorial Board

The document below formalizes the process for adding new members to
the Editorial Board.  A private mailing list has also been created.
Board members will get notification when I subscribe them to the list,
sometime before the first prospective member is "nominated."

As always, feedback is welcome.  However, as this process has been
discussed in several Board meetings, we expect to move forward
(i.e. add new members) in accordance with this document.

- Steve

Process for Adding New Members to the Editorial Board
Version: 0.2
Modified: September 13, 2001


This document formalizes the high-level process that is used for
identifying, evaluating, and adding new members to the CVE Editorial
Board.  Background discussion of the development of this process is
contained in the summaries for CVE Editorial Board meetings that were
held in March 2001 and June 2001, available at:



1. Prospect Identification

MITRE identifies a prospective Editorial Board member ("prospect"),
typically through one of the following scenarios:

- A current Board member recommends the prospect.

- The prospect, or the prospect's parent organization, asks to be a

- MITRE determines a community that is under-represented, and
  identifies prospects in that community.

2. MITRE Evaluation

The prospect is evaluated by MITRE through one or more discussions.
At least one discussion, an "interview," is held face-to-face or by

- The prospect is presented with the detailed list of member roles and

- MITRE and the prospect identify and discuss the prospect's role and
  expected tasks.

- The prospect provides MITRE with biographical information (such as a
  resume) that demonstrates an ability to perform the tasks.

- The prospect, and the prospect's parent organization, approves the
  level of effort required for the prospect's participation.

Based on these discussions, MITRE determines if the prospect is
qualified to be a Board member, and the process moves to the Editorial
Board Review step.

3. Editorial Board Feedback

- MITRE announces a qualified prospect to the Editorial Board through
  a private mailing list.

- Editorial Board members are provided with at least 2 weeks to
  provide feedback to MITRE regarding the prospect, and request
  additional information if desired.

- After the review period, MITRE uses Editorial Board feedback to help
  guide whether the prospect should be approved for membership.

4. Membership Approval

If the prospect is approved by MITRE after the Editorial Board
Feedback step, then MITRE adds the prospect as a full member to the

- The new member is announced to the public Editorial Board mailing
  list.  The announcement includes the member's biographical
  information, role, and expected tasks.

- The new member is announced on the CVE Web site.

- The new member begins participating actively, in accordance with
  their expected tasks, within 2 months of their addition to the

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