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Re: [CVE-OFFTOPIC?] NIST funding

Mike and Adam,

Thanks for the information about the NIST Critical Infrastructure
Protection Grants Program.  I have contacted NIST about the
applicability of our CVE work and they felt that CVE does fit within the
framework of this program, particularly our CIEL work.  We will look
into developing a proposal from MITRE.


Mike Prosser wrote:
> Applications for funding are due (according to an article I just read this
> morning) by 21 June 2001, so limited time to apply.
>                     Adam Shostack <adam@HOMEPORT.ORG>
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> > SUMMARY: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
> > invites proposals from eligible organizations for funding projects
> > under the Critical Infrastructure Protection Grants Program (CIPGP).
> > The objective of the CIPGP is improvement of the robustness,
> > resilience, and security of information in all the critical
> > infrastructures. This will be accomplished by funding research
> > leading to commercial solutions to those information technology (IT)
> > security problems central to critical infrastructure protection that
> > are not being adequately addressed. A secondary objective of the
> > CIPGP is to cultivate a security-capable and security-conscious
> > community. The issuance of all awards under this program is subject
> > to the availability of funds.
> http://cryptome.org/nist041301.txt
> (I can see many ways in which members of the CVE editorial group might
> be interested in this.  Perhaps joint research into how a good
> concordance/dictionary can be of use in CIP; what features of CVE have
> worked well, and what would be worth improving; funding for the CVE or
> CIEL, etc.)
> Adam
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> "It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."
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