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Re: [CVE-OFFTOPIC?] NIST funding

Applications for funding are due (according to an article I just read this
morning) by 21 June 2001, so limited time to apply.

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> SUMMARY: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
> invites proposals from eligible organizations for funding projects
> under the Critical Infrastructure Protection Grants Program (CIPGP).
> The objective of the CIPGP is improvement of the robustness,
> resilience, and security of information in all the critical
> infrastructures. This will be accomplished by funding research
> leading to commercial solutions to those information technology (IT)
> security problems central to critical infrastructure protection that
> are not being adequately addressed. A secondary objective of the
> CIPGP is to cultivate a security-capable and security-conscious
> community. The issuance of all awards under this program is subject
> to the availability of funds.


(I can see many ways in which members of the CVE editorial group might
be interested in this.  Perhaps joint research into how a good
concordance/dictionary can be of use in CIP; what features of CVE have
worked well, and what would be worth improving; funding for the CVE or
CIEL, etc.)


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