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[Meeting]Editorial Board Meeting Administrivia

  Here is all you need to know (I hope).
Directions, Telecon Info(at the end) & Administrivia for the Austin
Editorial Board Meeting.
Thursday, 15 March, 9am-5pm (Plan to get here 8:30-9:00am)
Friday, 16 March, 9am-4pm
Contact Info:
Norma DeHaro, 512-378-1062. You can have people leave messages with her.
Cisco Systems
12515 Research Blvd, Building 3
UT Longhorns Conference Room
Continental Breakfast catered both days.
Lunch will be in the Cisco cafeteria, in the same building. We'll all go
together, and Cisco will pick up the tab. They usually have a decent
vegetarian option.
Dinner: (& music/film activities around town), on your own.

The Embassy Suites will shuttle you to/from Cisco, so you can forgo a rental
car if you're trying to save your department some money.
Directions to Cisco:(From Airport) At the exit to the airport, exit, turn
left onto State Hwy 71 West. Take a right exit onto U.S. 183 North. Follow
it for about 17 miles (it becomes Research Blvd).
You pass some major highway intersections (US290, I-35, Loop 1, Loop 360).
(##) Exit at Oak Knoll (the previous exit is Duval, so start getting over
into the right lane).
At the traffic light, turn Right on to Oak Knoll Drive, into the
Solectron/Raytheon business park.
Take the first right (before the stop sign) and follow the road around the
curve, through the two stop signs.
Cisco will be on the left after the second stop sigh, with two entrances.
Take the second. There are 2 Cisco buildings, and we are in building 3.
Enter the door closest to the large Cisco logo. Tell the receptionist you're
with the CVE Editorial Board Meeting (or some approximation of that phrase
:-), and they will get you a temp badge. We'll try to have folks to escort
you to the meeting room between 8:30 and 9:00. If you arrive after that and
don't see anybody in the lobby, have them call Norma at 8-1062, or page me
at 800-365-4578.
(To the Embassy Suites from the Airport)
At Airport exit, turn left onto State Hwy 71 West. Take a right exit onto
U.S. 183 North. Follow it for maybe 13 miles (I'm guessing here). You pass
some major highway intersections (US290, I-35, Loop 1), and exit and turn
Right at Capital of Texas Highway (Loop 360). At the second light, turn
Right onto Stonelake Blvd. The hotel is 2 blocks down on your Left hand
(From the Embassy Suites to Cisco)
Go R on Stonelake Blvd to Capital of Texas Highway. Turn right onto US 183
North (the entrance is really soon, about 100 ft from this intersection). Go
about 4 miles and follow the directions from (##) above.

Teleconference Info:
CALL DATE: MAR-15-2001  (Thursday) & MAR-16-2001 (Friday)
USA Toll Free Number: 888-664-9963

LEADER:   Ms Margie Zuk

Please let your meet-me participants know that for security reasons, the
passcode 29523 and the leader's name will be required to join your call.

Weather: http://wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=78759
South by Southwest Music/Film Info:
Other Austin Info (restaurants, movies, nightlife): www.austin360.com
Outdoors: http://www.texasoutside.com/austinframes/austin.htm (Zilker Park
and Barton Springs Pool are recommended)

Andy Balinsky
Cisco Systems
pager: 800-365-4578

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