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[CVEPRI] Board member attendees list needed


If you will be participating in the Board meeting, whether via
teleconference or face-to-face in Austin, please email me and Andy
Balinsky (balinsky@cisco.com).  We need a final count.

Andy will be sending out more specific details on the location for the
Board meeting March 15 and 16.  I expect to send out an agenda on
Tuesday night.

Following is our list of people who plan to participate.  Let us know
if we need to make any additions or corrections.

- Steve

Projected Attendee List
Ron Nguyen
Scott Lawler & colleague
John Flowers
Pascal Meunier
Andy Balinsky
Andre Frech
John Rhodes
Troy Bollinger

Tim Collins?

MITRE - Steve Christey, Margie Zuk, Bob Martin

Mike Prosser
Dave Mann

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