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[BOARD] John Flowers has joined the Editorial Board

John Flowers of Hiverworld has joined the CVE Editorial Board.  He
joins Tom Stracener, who unfortunately suffered injuries from a car
accident and will not be able to participate in Board activities for
several months.  John will be undertaking several activities,
including voting on candidates and active participation in Board
discussions and meetings.

Following is a short bio:

>Mr. Flowers is the founder & Chief Scientist of Hiverworld, Inc.  In
>his role as Chief Scientist, he provides architecture, design and
>direction for real-time vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection
>and distributed security solutions.  Prior to Hiverworld, Mr. Flowers
>was the chief architect of Inquisit's individualized news filtering
>service.  He has also held positions as the chief security and
>internet architect at Utilicorp, and chief architect of Neurosoft --
>where the original prototypes for 777-FILM and a the interactive voice
>response system called Wildfire were created.  In the early 90's he
>worked as an engineer for Microsoft.  Mr.  Flowers is a frequent
>speaker at security conferences and is the co-inventor of several
>patent-pending security technologies.

Welcome aboard, John!

- Steve

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