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[BOARD] Larry Oliver has joined the Editorial Board

Larry Oliver of IBM's Emergency Response Services (ERS) has joined the
CVE Editorial Board, joining Troy Bollinger as an IBM representative.
He replaces Marc Dacier, who is leaving the Board due to the maximum
of 2 members per organization.  Larry is involved in various aspects
of ERS' managed security services, and as such will be able to
represent one perspective of the emerging services market.  He is
involved in the integration of vulnerability information from multiple
sources, so he can represent an "end user" perspective for CVE, a gap
on the Board at this time.  He will be actively involved in voting on

A short bio follows:

>Larry Oliver is a Senior Internet Security Analyst in IBM's Internet
>Emergency Response Service.  Current areas of responsibility include
>system vulnerability testing, penetration testing, network security
>architecture, intrusion detection technologies, and incident
>managment.  He has been working in the field of Computer Security
>since the early 1980's and has provided security support to multiple
>government agencies, as well as experience as a corporate security
>officer. Larry received a BS in computer science from the University
>of Missouri at Rolla.

Welcome aboard, Larry!

- Steve

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