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[BOARD] Tim Collins has joined the Editorial Board

Tim Collins of NFR has joined the CVE Editorial Board.  Marcus Ranum
remains on the Board as a consultant, at my request.  Tim is head of
the team at NFR that develops signatures, and he is working on
integrating CVE into their IDS product.  He will play an active role
in voting on candidates.

A short bio follows:

>Tim Collins is a Vice President of Network Flight Recorder, Inc. and
>is currently overseeing the network-based intrusion detection
>signature development team.  He has been involved in most aspects of
>the security field including intrusion detection, penetration testing,
>consulting, security software development and has worked with many DoD
>and government related Information Warfare organizations.  Currently
>he is involved in an effort to integrate CVE reporting capabilities
>into NFR's core Intrusion Detection product.

Welcome aboard, Tim!

- Steve

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