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Defending letter at RAID

Hi guys:

Sorry about my prolonged absence from this list: Steve really should kick
me off this board at some point for my weak participation.  I apologize for
it; running a small but very rapidly growing company is enormous fun, but
it does tend to get in the way of everything else.

In the meantime (ie before Steve kicks me off the board), Mark Dacier of
IBM Zurich called me.  The RAID 2000 (Recent Advances in Intrusion
Detection) workshop is having a panel about the Cybercrime treaty.  He
wanted somebody who had been involved in drafting the letter that we all
wrote to present that position to the workshop.  He's also planning to have
one of the treaty drafters there, and a legal expert.

Since I was already registered at RAID (I'm presenting there about IDWG),
Mark asked me if I would be willing to present our position.  I said that I
would enjoy doing that very much, and thought I could do it well.  I feel
somewhat passionate about the subject and I have a fair amount of public
speaking and debating experience.  I also was fairly heavily involved in
the drafting of the letter (I believe I provided the very first version of
the text but I could be misremembering - I know it was Adam Shostack who
was the one who initially urged us to act).  Anyway, I told Mark I thought
I should ask here if everyone was comfortable with me being on that panel
and representing the letter drafters.  If there's someone else who's going
to RAID and who would feel slighted, or who feels they would do a better
job, then maybe I'm not the right person.  Certainly I didn't want to take
it for granted.



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