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[CVEPRI] New CVE web site (and voting) to be released soon


The new CVE web site is expected to be released within the next few
days.  It will include reference maps, CVE version information, CVE
compatibility requirements, a list of data sources, and other goodies.

The web site will allow CVE content to be updated at any time, as
opposed to the scheduled updates we currently have.  Candidates thus
will be able to show up on the site immediately after assignment.

In addition, we will have the first version of the voting web site
available for Board members.  As agreed to at the Board meeting in
Denver, the site will run SSL with a server-side certificate, and
access will be restricted to Board members via HTTP basic

User accounts and passwords have been created for all Board members
who ever registered a vote (and a couple whose comments on this list
were entered into the voting record).  I can work out the distribution
of passwords with each Board member individually.  One option is to
send you PGP-encrypted email, though I would need to obtain your PGP
key.  Another option, if you aren't overly paranoid, is to give you
the password over the phone.

You could also send me your own password (Unix crypt() style).  I can
provide you with a basic Perl program to generate crypt() style
passwords, though I'm not 100% sure it would work on Windows boxes.

I'll post details when the new site is up.  Feel free to call me at
(781)271-3961 to confirm my PGP key, or if you have any questions or
need to request a voter account/password.  Note that I generally
transmit messages using PGP 2.6.2, but can handle later versions as

- Steve

Version: 2.6.2


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