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[CVEPRI] More Details for Editorial Board Meeting in Denver


After a bit of finagling, we've finally determined the physical
location for the Editorial Board meeting in Denver on August 14-15.
It will be held at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel.

SYMPOSIUM IS BEING HELD AT!!!  (There were no available rooms there).

As I understand it, the Renaissance is about 20 minutes away from the
USENIX location.  Please let me and Susan Ginivan (sginivan@mitre.org)
know if you will have any problems getting there.

The meeting room is scheduled for 9 to 6 on Monday August 14, then 9
to 6 on Tuesday, with catered lunches and snack breaks.  We will be
working with Marriott on food options.  Please let me and Susan know
if you have any specific dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian meals).

Here's some additional hotel information:

> Denver International Airport is located 20 minutes East of the hotel and
> approximately 40-45 minutes East of downtown, making downtown 20-25 minutes
> from the hotel.
> Marriot's Renaissance Denver Hotel
> 3801 Quebec Street
> Denver, CO USA 80207
> 303-399-7500, Fax: 303-321-1966
> Here's the web site:  http://www.renaissancehotels.com/DENSA/default.asp
> (it has some excellent info, including maps & directions, rates, etc.)
> The maps & directions section has travel times, distances, and notes
> airport shuttle, taxi, and other travel fees.

- Steve

P.S.  An agenda will be drafted and posted next week.  I plan to
schedule the CVE-and-IDS portion of the discussion for late Monday
afternoon, so that interested participants can continue discussions
that evening if desired, and non-IDS people can leave early :-) There
may be a followup discussion at the end of Tuesday once everyone's had
some time to process all the issues.

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