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Re: [BOARD] Patrick Heim has joined the Editorial Board

Thank you for the kind introduction Steven.  I look forward to actively
participating on the board by contributing to the voting process. Tom
and I will be splitting responsibilities where I will retain a focus on
Win* and Tom will focus on *nix.  This will benefit the CVE by allowing
us to focus on our respective areas of specialization.



"Steven M. Christey" wrote:
> Patrick Heim of Hiverworld has joined the Editorial Board.  His
> participation will complement that of Tom Stracener, who is
> temporarily unable to participate as actively as he has in the past.
> Patrick's expertise is in Windows NT and penetration testing.  Tom
> Stracener's absence has been noticeably felt, as he is a regular voter
> on Unix issues, and we haven't had many active voters on Unix
> candidates lately.  So Patrick is a welcome addition to the Board.
> Note that as the number of organizations with multiple members on the
> Editorial Board increases, we will be looking more carefully at the
> level of participation of such multi-member organizations.  If the
> size of the Board becomes too unwieldy, or if multiple membership is
> used as a marketing tool, then we may require that multi-member
> organizations should provide a consistent level of effort with few
> gaps.  Normal allowances are made for individual Board members with
> respect to vacation time and deadlines, but currently I believe that 2
> members of the same organization should be able to ensure the
> organization's consistent participation in the CVE Initiative.  As
> with other issues related to Board membership, this issue will be
> revisited as it arises, but I wanted to mention some of the concerns
> here.
> Below is Patrick's bio:
> >Patrick is tasked with defining and managing the Hiverworld managed
> >services, training, and professional service programs.  He will be the
> >primary point of contact for services at Hiverworld.
> >
> >Patrick has extensive experience both in the management and technical
> >aspects of information security consulting.  He has developed security
> >tools, authored technical white papers, spoken at conferences and led
> >numerous ethical hacking projects for a diverse client base.  His
> >specialties are in penetrating, analyzing, and securing the Windows NT
> >platform.
> >
> >Prior to his joining Hiverworld, he was a senior manager at Ernst &
> >Young LLP in charge of ethical hacking and technical security services
> >for the Pacific Northwest region of the US.  He also held a position
> >as a systems analyst in a global Fortune 100 corporation and was
> >tasked with a variety of projects and support on Windows NT, Novell,
> >VMS, and Pathworks.
> >
> >Patrick holds a BA in business from Indiana University and an
> >International Finance MBA from the Wirtschatsuniversitńt
> >Wien/University of South Carolina.
> Welcome aboard, Patrick!
> - Steve

Patrick Heim                               <patrick.heim@hiverworld.com>
Director of Professional Services              http://www.hiverworld.com
Hiverworld, Inc.                     Continuous Adaptive Risk Management
(PGP http://pgpkeys.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=patrick+heim)

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