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[BOARD] Patrick Heim has joined the Editorial Board

Patrick Heim of Hiverworld has joined the Editorial Board.  His
participation will complement that of Tom Stracener, who is
temporarily unable to participate as actively as he has in the past.
Patrick's expertise is in Windows NT and penetration testing.  Tom
Stracener's absence has been noticeably felt, as he is a regular voter
on Unix issues, and we haven't had many active voters on Unix
candidates lately.  So Patrick is a welcome addition to the Board.

Note that as the number of organizations with multiple members on the
Editorial Board increases, we will be looking more carefully at the
level of participation of such multi-member organizations.  If the
size of the Board becomes too unwieldy, or if multiple membership is
used as a marketing tool, then we may require that multi-member
organizations should provide a consistent level of effort with few
gaps.  Normal allowances are made for individual Board members with
respect to vacation time and deadlines, but currently I believe that 2
members of the same organization should be able to ensure the
organization's consistent participation in the CVE Initiative.  As
with other issues related to Board membership, this issue will be
revisited as it arises, but I wanted to mention some of the concerns

Below is Patrick's bio:

>Patrick is tasked with defining and managing the Hiverworld managed
>services, training, and professional service programs.  He will be the
>primary point of contact for services at Hiverworld.
>Patrick has extensive experience both in the management and technical
>aspects of information security consulting.  He has developed security
>tools, authored technical white papers, spoken at conferences and led
>numerous ethical hacking projects for a diverse client base.  His
>specialties are in penetrating, analyzing, and securing the Windows NT
>Prior to his joining Hiverworld, he was a senior manager at Ernst &
>Young LLP in charge of ethical hacking and technical security services
>for the Pacific Northwest region of the US.  He also held a position
>as a systems analyst in a global Fortune 100 corporation and was
>tasked with a variety of projects and support on Windows NT, Novell,
>VMS, and Pathworks.
>Patrick holds a BA in business from Indiana University and an
>International Finance MBA from the Wirtschatsuniversitt
>Wien/University of South Carolina.

Welcome aboard, Patrick!

- Steve

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