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Current list of signers for CyberCrime Treaty Statement

Here's the current list of signers of the statement.  Members from 13
organizations have signed so far.

- Steve

Scott Blake
Security Program Manager
BindView Corporation

Adam Shostack
Director of Technology
Representing Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.


Stuart Staniford, PhD
Representing Silicon Defense

Robert A. Clyde
Vice President Security Management
Representing AXENT Technologies, Inc.


Scott A. Lawler, CISSP
Chief, Vulnerability Analysis
U.S. Department of Defense Computer Emergency Response Team

Mike Prosser
Research Manager
Enterprise Solutions Division
Symantec Corporation

Pascal Meunier, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Research Scientist,

Thomas Stracener
Technology Research
Hiverworld, Inc.

Craig Ozancin
Senior Security Analyst
AXENT Technologies, Inc.

Paul E. Proctor
Director of Technology
Cybersafe Corporation

David LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Sr. Technologist
Information Security
Microsoft Corporation

Eugene H. Spafford, Ph.D, FACM, FAAAS
Professor and Director
Purdue University CERIAS

Kelly J. Cooper
Internet Security Officer

Ken Armstrong
Senior Network Security Engineer
EWA-Canada / CanCERT

David M. Balenson, Director of Technical Outreach
NAI Labs, The Security Research Division
Network Associates, Inc.

Steven R. Snapp
Senior Security Engineer
CyberSafe Corporation

David Mann, Ph.D.
Senior Security Analyst
BindView Corporation

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