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[BOARD] Scott Lawler has joined the Editorial Board

Scott Lawler of the US Department of Defense CERT (DOD-CERT) has
joined the Editorial Board.  His addition begins to fill a gap in
Board representation with respect to government/military
organizations, which face unique challenges in the world of computer
security.  In some ways, the DOD-CERT is an interface to other defense
CERTs, so Scott's participation on the Board could reach to
organizations beyond his own.  Scott's addition further extends the
representation of incident response teams on the Board.  He wears
multiple hats in his work at DOD-CERT, ranging from policy and
guidance to technical support.

Below is a short bio:

> Scott is currently the Deputy Chief in the DOD Computer Emergency
> Response Team.  He also served as Chief, Strategic Analysis and Chief,
> Vulnerability Analysis in the DOD CERT.  Scott's prior experience
> includes global application, IP, and ATM network management in the
> DISANet Control Center.  His experience includes network management
> monitoring and troubleshooting, network security, host sensors, and
> firewall configurations.  Prior to working at the Defense Information
> Systems Agency, Scott was an Enterprise Network Engineer supporting
> all of the Air Combat Command Air Force bases.  Before that he was a
> Combat Communications Engineer and directly supported combat
> operations during Desert Storm and numerous other high visibility hot
> spots.

Welcome aboard, Scott!

- Steve

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