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Re: Second draft of CyberCrime Treaty Statement

There seems to be strong support for making this a community-wide
effort, i.e. expanding it beyond the Board itself.  The issue has
clearly motivated many Board members, so I think it would be
inappropriate for MITRE to attempt to "reel it in" and limit it only
to the Board.  I believe that my management would agree with me on
this, based on discussions we had earlier this week.

I have received private emails from some members who would be
comfortable with signing something as individuals, so to me that's
additional reason for not making this a Board-only effort.

Spaf said:

>I would be happy to host & coordinate this if Mitre management
>believes it inappropriate.  I did this before with the letter on DCMA
>and got great response.

I can't commit us to coordinating this larger effort, but I'll see
what support we might be able to provide.  Alan Paller also has
experience with creating these types of "consensus-based position
papers" (for lack of a better term ;-)

Once the Board has largely agreed on a draft, I suggest creating a
separate mailing list for anyone who wants to participate in this
effort.  That could allow non-Board members to join the dialog, and it
may help people to coordinate better.

- Steve

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