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[BOARD] Marvin Christenson has joined the Editorial Board

Marvin Christenson of IBM's Emergency Response Services (ERS) has
joined the CVE Editorial Board.  He is an experienced end user of
security products such as IDSes and vulnerability assessment tools.
His past history at CIAC, and his current work in incident response,
will help to add an additional incident response perspective.

Below is a short bio:

>Marvin J Christensen is manager of Corporate Emergency Response
>Service (ERS) at IBM. He is responsible for vulnerability testing,
>compliance testing, and providing the infrastructure support for ERS's
>Real-Time Intrusion Detection (RTID) offering. Mr. Christensen is
>responsible for the development and implementation of an open
>architecture RTID monitoring system that supports multiple
>commercially available RTID systems. He is also responsible for the
>incident handling of Internet computer security incident for IBM.
>Current activities include leading the effort in alarm correlation and
>datamining of intrusion detection alarms.
>Previously, Mr. Christensen worked for the Department of Energy's
>Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC) which is located at
>Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Mr. Christensen was the technical
>lead for Unix and incident handling.
>Mr. Christensen earned his Masters Degree in Computer Science at the
>University of California in Davis.

Welcome aboard, Marvin!

- Steve

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