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Re: Your counsel on defeating DDOS Attacks

Dave Mann wrote:
> Pascal Meunier wrote:
> > The policy-setters of the US should realize that if the
> > internet is going to be an infrastructure of the economy,
> > then it should be treated with the care, resources and law
> > enforcement power that other infrastructures get.
> Mike Prosser wrote:
> > Who is going to set these standards, enforce them....I don't
> > know the answer to that one.  Do we have "big government"
> > set the standards?  That's how BS7799 is being driven in
> > Britian, but how would that fly elsewhere?  Do we make the
> > standards voluntary? Anyone who wants to abide by them can,
> > those that don't won't....no teeth, how do you enforce
> > those? Somewhere in between is my best guess.

I note that the IETF has a working group on developing expectations for

The current document is at


and the working group charter is at


I have not been involved in this work - I've just seen the document a
couple of times.


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