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[BOARD] Tom Stracener has joined the Editorial Board

Tom Stracener of Hiverworld, Inc. has joined the Editorial Board.  He
has been the lead in the development of Hiverworld's vulnerability
database, wrestling with a number of issues (e.g. content decisions)
that the Board has been discussing with respect to CVE.  My
conversations with him (and other Hiverworld personnel) indicate a
strong understanding of some of the fundamental challenges that this
community faces with respect to sharing vulnerability information and
conducting effective risk assessment.

Below is a short bio:

> Mr. Stracener is the Head of Research and Development at Hiverworld,
> Inc. Having five years of experience researching distributed
> artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other aspects of
> applied cognitive science, Mr. Stracener is leading the development of
> automated methods of risk analysis and risk management. He is both a
> co-developer of the ARMS Vulnerability Inference Engine and the
> creator of the ARMS vulnerability scoring methodology, a robust risk
> analysis system that aids security personnel in understanding risks to
> their networking environment. Mr. Stracener recently spoke at SANS
> NS'99 in New Orleans, on the topic of emerging technologies and
> limitations in Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems. Also, he is
> the co-author of the upcoming New Riders Landmark series book
> "Enterprise Linux Security."

Welcome aboard, Tom!

- Steve

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