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[CVEPRI] CVE Compatibility Declarations page to be online shortly


We expect to push the CVE compatibility declaration page to the CVE
web site in the next few days.  If you don't have a formal declaration
online, you could simply forward us a single quote that we will
include on the page.  Simple sample: "We plan on making our
product/database 'ZZZZ' CVE compatible."

The following organizations have made declarations of one sort or
another that we can include or reference on the web site: Security
Focus, CERT, NTBugtraq, CyberSafe, CERIAS, and Cisco.

We will need the following information from other Board members in
order to add their declarations to the page:

Organization URL:
Product/Database Name:
Product/Database URL:
CVE Output: yes/no  [includes CVE names in output]
CVE Searchable:  yes/no  [user can locate items by CVE name]
Declaration: [brief statement of intent, or current status]

If you are unable to make an explicit declaration for your
organization, but you can indicate that your tool/database will become
CVE compatible, then email me with the remainder of the information
(especially product/database name) and we will include it on the page
without the formal declaration.

More detailed requirements for CVE compatibility will be sent to the
mailing list in the next day or so.

- Steve

Page Last Updated or Reviewed: May 22, 2007