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[BOARD] David Balenson has joined the Editorial Board

David Balenson of Network Associates, Inc. (NAI) has joined the CVE
Editorial Board.  The presence of NAI on the Board broadens the scope
of CVE as applied to security tools.  David's expertise in
cryptography will help us in the future when the Board considers
cryptographic-related vulnerabilities and other security issues for
inclusion in CVE.  As a manager in the security research division of
NAI, he will be able to articulate a commercial perspective of
security-related research.  Below is a short bio:

>David M. Balenson is Manager of Technical Outreach and Special
>Projects at NAI Labs, The Security Research Division of Network
>Associates, Inc. (NAI).  He works to promote the benefits of advanced
>security research with NAI customers and other NAI divisions, and
>leads advanced security research projects.  Mr. Balenson was formerly
>the Manager of the Cryptographic Technologies Research Group, which
>performed government-sponsored and internal research and development
>of applied cryptographic techniques for satisfying computer and
>communication security needs.  Mr. Balenson has served as the
>principal Investigator (PI) on numerous DARPA-sponsored and internal
>research projects.  He has led and performed the renowned worldwide
>survey of cryptographic products.  Before joining Trusted Information
>Systems in 1988, Mr. Balenson spent 5 years at the National Institute
>of Standards and Technology where he helped develop cryptographic
>security standards.  He received his M.S. and B.S. degrees in Computer
>Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.  He is an
>Associate Professorial Lecturer in the Adjunct Faculty at The George
>Washington University where he teaches a graduate-level course on
>network security and cryptography.  He holds several patents in key
>recovery technology.

Welcome aboard, David!

- Steve

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