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CVE Interim Review meeting at Black Hat - July 7th?


So far, it appears that Elias Levy, Adam Shostack, Paul Proctor, and
Craig Ozancin will be in the Las Vegas area next week.  Anyone else?

I'll come up with an agenda at some point, but I'd like us to schedule
at least a 3 hour session to hammer on a lot of the content decisions
that are going on now, plus others that I will propose next Tuesday.
I'll change what clusters get proposed next week to include some of
the more "interesting" ones.

Since Adam insists that we shouldn't have the meeting while he's
speaking ;-) that removes the afternoon of July 8th.  Craig won't
arrive until the 8th.  Elias prefers the 7th.  Paul says he has time
for the 7th.  So, I propose that we have our "biggest" meeting on July
7th after the sessions starting, say, at 6 PM?  We could meet in the
reception area.

However, I am willing to have whatever side meetings are necessary,
and it would be good to speak with Craig on the 8th and whoever's
around on the 6th.

I will be arriving on Tuesday at noon.  I will be taking a redeye
flight back to Boston on Thursday night at 11:30 PM.  Outside of a few
"absolutely-must-see" talks, I will make myself available at any time
during conference hours.

- Steve

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