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Re: Survey: Use of Same Attack/Same Codebase content decision in VDB's

On Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 10:52:24AM -0700, Proctor, Paul wrote:
> Basically, vulnerabilities are primarily system-based and should be
> addressed by system level IDS (in most, not all cases).  Any given
> vulnerabilty can be detected by multiple signatures.  For example the
> Cybersafe Centrax product has a signature on NT to detect a base-class of
> attack exploited by sec-hole and getadmin.  These are different attacks
> exploiting the same hole (unauthorized addition of a user to the
> administrator's group).  My view is that all three are CVE worthy.  1)
> sechole, 2) getadmin, 3) unauthorized addition of a user to the
> administrator's group.  1 and 2 are published exploits.  3 is sure to be
> used by other attacks in the future.

I disagree. 3 is not a vulnerability, it is the result or impact of one.
As such it should not be listed in the CVE. Should we add a CVE entry
for adding a backdoor root user to the password file or a .rhost + +
file? I don't belive so.

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