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Final Decision: 23 ACCEPTed candidates

I have made a Final Decision regarding the following candidates (the
23 from the CERT cluster that I moved to Interim Decision last week).

These ACCEPTed candidates are now assigned official CVE numbers as
noted below.

The CVE number for candidates that reach Final Decision should be
regarded as stable.  In the case of these and all other candidates
that reach Final Decision during this validation period, accepted
candidates won't reach Publication phase until the CVE goes fully
public.  The only difference between Publication and Final Decision is
that the CVE number is officially "announced" by MITRE during

- Steve

Candidate Number	CVE Number	Votes
----------------	----------	-----
CAN-1999-0006		CVE-00006	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0007		CVE-00007	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0008		CVE-00008	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0013		CVE-00013	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0019		CVE-00019	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0021		CVE-00021	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0022		CVE-00022	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0023		CVE-00023	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0024		CVE-00024	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0034		CVE-00034	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0036		CVE-00036	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0038		CVE-00038	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0039		CVE-00039	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0040		CVE-00040	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0041		CVE-00041	ACCEPT(5) NOOP(1)
CAN-1999-0043		CVE-00043	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0045		CVE-00045	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0050		CVE-00050	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0073		CVE-00073	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0080		CVE-00080	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0133		CVE-00133	ACCEPT(6)
CAN-1999-0143		CVE-00143	ACCEPT(5) NOOP(1)

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