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CHANGE to the phases of candidate review


I've defined another phase to candidate review.  After Announcement
and before Interim Decision, there may be some candidates that at
least one person will suggest to MODIFY, RECAST, or even REJECT.  Such
candidates may be moved into an intermediate Modification phase if

For candidates in the Modification phase, the Editor (as I'm calling
myself for lack of a better thought-out name) may make changes to the
candidates.  The Editor will re-propose these newly changed
candidates, noting what changes have been made, for subsequent review
by the Editorial Board.

I expect that most candidates in the Modification phase will be
extremely close to moving to Interim Decision.

The first round of candidates in the Modification phase will be
resubmitted later today.  Basically, it's most of the rest of the CERT
cluster where someone added a reference or suggested a minor change to
a description.

- Steve

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