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[Sorry for the duplication; the new people didn't get the original


I am in the process of moving over to a real mailing list instead of
the current alias we are using.  I'll announce the change once
everything is kosher.

Also, I have added two more entities to the mailing list:

- an additional address for Netect so that email can be forwarded to
an internal working group.  If other participants want such a thing
for their own organizations, set up an email and I'll include it.  To
reduce traffic, though, let's just limit active participation to the
primary contact in the organization.

- the second is Stuart Staniford-Chen, who is a chair of the IETF
Intrusion Detection Working Group (IDWG).  The IDWG recognizes the
need for a standard language for attacks in intrusion detection
systems, so the CVE may address a part of that task.

This brings the list of participants to:

Adam Shostack (Netect)
Andre Frech (ISS)
Kevin Ziese (Cisco)
Andy Balinsky (Cisco)
Rob Clyde (Axent)
Craig Ozancin (Axent)
Al Huger (NAI)
Aleph One (Bugtraq)
Russ Cooper (NTBugtraq)
Gene Spafford (CERIAS)
Matt Bishop (UC Davis)
Steve Northcutt (BMDO)
Alan Paller (SANS)
Rob Kolstad (SANS)
Steve Christey (MITRE)
Dave Mann (MITRE)
Bill Hill (MITRE)
Linda Jones (MITRE)
Marty Sheppard (MITRE)
Steve Moore (MITRE)
Margie Zuk (MITRE)

- Steve

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