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Re: Candidate numbering scheme

I agree with Steve's points.  

I've been an advocate of minimalism where the core CVE is concerned, but
I can see a lot of value in being able to map between candidate
info/threads/etc. and the CVE.  It seems to me (for all the reasons that
Steve mentioned) that the proposed candidate numbering system still
requires that the CVE maintain references to candidate numbers in some

I suggest adding this information as an explicit reference(s).  Not sure
if this would mean something in the CMEX, or the CVE proper. 

I strongly suggest keeping this or any kind of data out of the CVE
number itself.  During our many design discussions we've been tempted to
put "stuff" in there, and we've always found it introduces unwanted
complications, inconsistencies, etc.  We've always (at least so far :-)
found better ways of handling the problem, and I think our focus on
keeping the CVE number and data simple and "pure" has helped make as
much progress as we have already, and will help us really push forward.

Of course, this is all IMHO :-)


"Steven M. Christey" wrote:
> There is a third problem which I believe is the most significant.
> Multiple candidates will be proposed that wind up being part of the
> same CVE vulnerability (let's say they are duplicates, or they're both
> subsumed by them), or split into multiple CVE vulnerabilities.  There
> won't be a one-to-one relationship between the candidate number and
> the CVE number, so the CAN- portion will be different than the CVE-
> portion.  This would require a "lookup" capability to go from the
> candidate number to the real associated number.  I.e., we would
> *still* have to maintain a mapping from candidate numbers to the CVE
> numbers.
> None of these problems is significant if the candidate number is never
> really public, and only for use within the Input Forum.  They might be
> relatively minor compared with some of the benefits, e.g. "early
> tracking" of new vulnerability information, and allowing Input Forum
> members (e.g. vendors) to use candidate numbers in advisories that
> they post for new vulnerabilities.
> The question is: how important is it to the members of this group that
> we should have such "external candidate numbers"?  Russ' perspective
> is clear since he is concerned with numbering vulnerabilities as early
> as possible, and I believe Andre would agree since he expressed
> concerns with getting numbers for advisories for new vulnerabilities.
> A second question is: assuming we have external candidate numbers, do
> they *have* to be the same as the CVE number?  To reduce confusion,
> sure, but there won't always be a one-to-one relationship as I
> indicated earlier.
> I think that such a radical change to the CVE name requires a decision
> before release.  Any commitments we make to a numbering scheme will
> have to be adhered to once the CVE is public.
> - Steve

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