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RE: Birds of Feather Meeting - Follow Up

Note to List Maintainer: I think the message flow will be better if the
reply-to address for any CVE-review message is only the list.

Adam sez;
>I like your suggestion of treating each as a candidate, but
>suggest that 8 per day on this for a month fails to take into
>account other responsibilities that many of us have.

Well, if each is a candidate for, say, 2 weeks you can accumulate them
until you can put the time into reviewing them. Many of these will be
no-brainers, so accumulating them for a few days may still only result
in a day's worth of work to clear off the backlog.

If we wait for an "all or nothing" type of response, I think we'll find
the process goes the way of the dodo like the CERIAS effort seems to

Besides, if each has its own thread in the CVE-review list, it is more
representative of how the process will work in future.

Russ - NTBugtraq Editor

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