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Re: CVE Review mailing list test - please respond

>I'm of the opinion that this is the correct way to run a mailing list;
>that by default the list is a recipeint, not the sender, that a
>message reply command will reply to the author of the mail, and that a
>group reply command will copy the list.

Thanks for the "public" response, Adam.  It just so happened that I
got 5 or 6 responses in a row that were directed only to me and not
the list.  I would have "expected" at least one inadvertent response
to the entire list (not to mention there isn't a "Reply-To" mail
header), and thus my concern.

We don't want to start losing threads because people inadvertently
respond only to the sender of an email ;-) So as long as a "group
reply" is done by any respondents, then we should be fine.

Everything seems to be in working order.

- Steve

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