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Re: CVE Review mailing list test - please respond


	My previous message was sent only to you because I replied.
I'm of the opinion that this is the correct way to run a mailing list; 
that by default the list is a recipeint, not the sender, that a message
reply command will reply to the author of the mail, and that a group
reply command will copy the list.  Thus, when I responded to your test 
to see that the email was sent out properly, only you got the response.

	This message is the result of a group reply, and everyone on
the list sees it, which is rude because my message is so low in
content. :)


On Tue, May 04, 1999 at 03:25:22PM -0400, Steven M. Christey wrote:
| All,
| This is a test of a (possibly temporary) mailing list that the entire
| "CVE working group" can use to discuss CVE issues, before and after
| the SANS meeting.  Please respond to indicate that you've received
| this message.  The mailing list is:
| 	cve-review@linus.mitre.org
| A high level agenda for this Sunday's meeting will be provided later
| today, once I'm convinced that this mailing list is reaching people
| outside MITRE.
| Thanks,
| - Steve

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