Benefits of CVE Compatibility

Adopting CVE-compatible products and services benefit organizations working to secure their enterprises, and providing compatible products benefits the vendors that help them do it.

Benefits of Using CVE-Compatible Products and Services

  • Compatibility lets you know definitively that your network security products and services are interoperable and can work together to protect your enterprise.
  • Compatibility means you are making a wise choice since the product/service you are adopting has embraced a growing industry standard.
  • Scan results from compatible products include CVE names, enabling you to verify whether a specific issue about which you are concerned has been checked for.
  • Alerts and advisories from your software vendors that include CVE names provide you with the ability to verify that the correct updates and fixes have been applied.
  • Compatible products and services provide you with the ability to compare coverage of your tools and services using percentage of CVE names found.

Benefits of Making Your Products and Services CVE-Compatible

  • Customers want products and services that can work together, and compatibility enables interoperability.
  • Compatibility signifies your organization incorporates community standards that benefit your customers.
  • Gain a competitive edge over companies that aren't participating.
  • Use of CVE's standardized vulnerability names allows you to focus your R&D on the advanced and higher-level aspects of your product, increasing ROI.
  • Incorporating standardized CVE names could serve as enhancements to your existing products or services, or as the foundation of new ones.
  • Incorporating the use and reservation of CVE names into your vulnerability handling process provides your customers with the ability to leverage the power of their vulnerability scanners to verify that your updates and fixes have been applied.
  • 60,000+ CVE names and associated data are free to download and use from the CVE List.
  • Use of the CVE-Compatible Product/Service logo on your Web site, product packaging, etc. serves as a purchase incentive for prospective customers, informing them that your product/service is certified as "officially" compatible with a growing industry standard.
Page Last Updated: June 30, 2014