CVE Compatibility Program (Archived)

NOTICE: The CVE Compatibility Program has been discontinued. The product listings included in this section have been moved to "archive" status.

MOVING FORWARD: Please follow these CVE Compatibility Guidelines to make your product or service "CVE Compatible."


Products and Services: 153
Organizations Participating: 84

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) Compatibility Program provides for a tool, service, website, database, or advisory / alert that uses CVE Identifiers in a way that allows it to cross-link with other repositories that use CVE Identifiers to be listed as "CVE-Compatible."

Products & Services: 162
Organizations Participating: 96

Organizations with products and services still working towards compatibility are listed by their current compatibility stage of planned or available.

Organizations Participating: 98

Numerous organizations are including or have included CVE Identifiers in their security advisories, ensuring that the community benefits by having CVE Identifiers as soon as the problem is announced.

Page Last Updated or Reviewed: September 27, 2017