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Chandan Nandakumaraiah of Palo Alto Networks Joins CVE Board

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Chandan Nandakumaraiah, CVE Board member

Chandan Nandakumaraiah

The CVE Program is pleased to welcome Chandan Nandakumaraiah of Palo Alto Networks as the newest member of the CVE Board. Chandan, a long-term active contributor to the CVE Program and current co-chair of the CVE Quality Working Group (QWG), will continue to help CVE to evolve in a positive, user-centric way as a CVE Board member.

About Chandan

With over 20 years of experience working in product security, Chandan is an insightful, strong technical leader with an eye towards vulnerability issues that affect end-user organizations. Chandan has a long history of contributing to the CVE Program, demonstrating a commitment to improving CVE, and working as a producer and consumer of CVE information. He leads the product security team at Palo Alto Networks.

Chandan is the co-chair of the CVE QWG that is currently working to improve the quality of CVE data and standardize the CVE JSON record format. He leads the product security tooling workgroup at the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and is an active participant of the CVSS SIG that is developing the industry standard for assessing the severity of security vulnerabilities.

Chandan is the creator of the open-source project OpenGrok, the popular source code search solution used by several major open-source projects and software development teams. Chandan continues to focus on automation within the CVE Program and improving the user experience for CVE stakeholders. He developed an online tool Vulnogram to help CNAs easily produce and update CVE assignment details in the CVE JSON record format.

About the CVE Board

The CVE Board includes members from numerous cybersecurity-related organizations including commercial security tool vendors, academia, research institutions, government departments and agencies, and other prominent security experts, as well as end-users of vulnerability information. Through open and collaborative discussions, the Board provides critical input regarding the data sources, product coverage, coverage goals, operating structure, and strategic direction of the CVE Program.

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- The CVE Team
  June 2, 2021
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