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Come Meet with CVE at Black Hat 2017 on July 27 and DEF CON 25 on July 28

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CVE Numbering Authority Program Lead Dan Adinolfi, and CVE Team Member Anthony Singleton, will be at Black Hat USA 2017 and DEF CON 25 next week in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

We invite you to join us to talk CVE at either or both events:

CVE Meet-Up, July 27

Please join us for an informal get together to talk CVE at Black Hat USA 2017. If you're interested, please meet us at 12:00 p.m. PT outside the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay Casino.

We will determine the final location once we have everyone together. Questions or concerns: CVE Request Web Form - select “Other” from the dropdown.

CVE Talk, July 28

Dan and Anthony will present a talk entitled "CVE IDs and How to Get Them" at 1:10 p.m. PT in the Neopolitan Ballroom and Milano VIII at Caesars Palace at the "Wall of Sheep" at DEF CON 25.

Talk synopsis from the conference website:

"The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) program uniquely identifies and names publicly-disclosed vulnerabilities in software and other codebases. Whether you are a vulnerability researcher, a vendor, or a project maintainer, it has never been easier to have CVE IDs assigned to vulnerabilities you are disclosing or coordinating around. This presentation will be an opportunity to find out how to participate as well as a chance to offer your thoughts, questions, or feedback about CVE. Attendees will learn what is considered a vulnerability for CVE, how to assign CVE IDs to vulnerabilities, how to describe those vulnerabilities within CVE ID entries, how to submit those assignments, and where to get more information about CVE assignment."

Please stop by either or both events and say hello. We look forward to seeing you!

- The CVE Team
  July 20, 2017
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