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Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners Joins CVE Board

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Ken Munro, CVE Board member

Ken Munro

The CVE Program is pleased to welcome Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners (PTP) LLP as the newest member of the CVE Board. Ken will provide the Board with a research community perspective and help enhance collaboration between the CVE Program and that community.

About Ken

Ken is a security researcher, partner, and founder of UK’s largest independent penetration testing firm, PTP. He is a strong advocate of responsible disclosure and manages over 200 vulnerability disclosures per year. Ken regularly blogs on security topics ranging from car hacking, IoT security, and vulnerability analysis. With nearly 25 years of experience, he is a lobbyist for the regulation IoT technology in Europe, and has extensive experience working within government and industry in the United States. Ken is active within the security community, most notably in aviation, IoT, and auto, and co-organized the Aviation and Maritime villages at DEFOC. PTP research on child’s toys and smart watches have resulted in increased regulation worldwide, notably by US Senator Jackson (CA) as the inspiration behind California Senate Bill 327. As well as German Telecommunications Regulator (BNetzA) banning “My Friend Cayla” doll and various smart tracker watches in Germany. PTP is recently attributed with working closely with UK Government and law enforcement to debunk fraudulent 5G “Diffusers” scams which market regular USB drives as personal protection devices against “dangerous 5G” signals. As demonstrated in his TED Talk, Ken is a captivating speaker who is able to connect with his audience and leave them feeling included in even the most complex security discussions. He is a regular speaker at events held by industry bodies and associations to include: TED, FIRST, DEFOC and Infosecurity Europe to name a few.

About the CVE Board

The CVE Board includes members from numerous cybersecurity-related organizations including commercial security tool vendors, academia, research institutions, government departments and agencies, and other prominent security experts, as well as end-users of vulnerability information. Through open and collaborative discussions, the Board provides critical input regarding the data sources, product coverage, coverage goals, operating structure, and strategic direction of the CVE Program.

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- The CVE Team
  February 12, 2021
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