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RE: CD PROPOSAL: DIFFUNC (Interim Decision 8/24)

Tried to send this, but had a sysadm error with MITRE server so here it is again


-----Original Message-----
From: Steven M. Christey [mailto:coley@LINUS.MITRE.ORG]
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 1999 5:43 PM
To: cve-editorial-board-list@lists.mitre.org
Subject: CD PROPOSAL: DIFFUNC (Interim Decision 8/24)

Please vote on this pervasive content decision using the space
provided below.  This content decision is scheduled for Interim
Decision on August 24.

- Steve

Content Decision: DIFFUNC (Different Function, Different Vulnerability)


(Member may vote ACCEPT, MODIFY, REJECT, or NOOP.)

Short Description

Distinguish between components, systems, and executables that are
functionally different.


This is a pervasive content decision that provides high-level guidance
for distinguishing vulnerabilities in the CVE.  The definition of
"functionally different" is left vague, but refinements may be made
more explicit using other content decisions.


Servers are functionally different than clients.  Mail servers are
functionally different than FTP or HTTP servers.  Unix is functionally
different than Windows NT.  A configuration problem related to
passwords is functionally different than a problem in the access
permissions of a file system.  A password is not functionally
different than a community name, a passphrase, or an NIS domain name
(though the services that *use* these "passwords" are functionally

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