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High-level schedule of future CVE release activities


MITRE has been working behind the scenes in preparation for the public
release of the CVE.  Following is a list of the activities that we
expect to undertake.  Note that the public release date may change as
events dictate.

1) CVE Review meetings - July 29-30, Aug 12-13

2) Begin working with all marketing contacts for Board members - early

3) CVE web site ready for Editorial Board review - early August

4) Editorial Board discussion and draft of Board membership
requirements, roles and responsibilities, etc. - mid-late August

5) CVE ready for public release - September 1.  Press releases
expected to occur sometime around this date.

6) Paper accepted for RAID-99 - "Building a Common Vulnerability
Enumeration" - September 7-9, Purdue.  This is the "debut" of the CVE
to security experts, at least in the IDS world.  Some Editorial Board
members will already be in attendance.  See

7) Birds-of-a-Feather session(s) at SANS-Network Security, New
Orleans, October 3-10.  This is the "debut" of the CVE to system
administrators and security analysts.  A number of Board members will
also be present.  See http://www.sans.org/ns99/ns99.htm

- Steve

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