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CVE Review meetings: dates and times?


As mentioned previously, we would like to host two separate Review
meetings by August 15.  The reason for two meetings is to accomodate
the myriad of scheduling conflicts that would arise while trying tos
chedule just one meeting.

MITRE has two primary locations, near Boston and Washington DC.  We
could host in either area, depending on what is most convenient for
the attendees.

The purposes of the meetings will be to:
  - (a) discuss outstanding CVE content decisions
  - (b) discuss issues related to the Editorial Board structure/rules
  - (c) validate individual vulnerabilities.

Other specifics:
  - Each meeting could last 2 days, or 1.5 days anyway.  We discovered
    at SANS-99 that a single day was too short.
  - It is preferred to host one meeting the last week of July

I suggest the following dates as possibilities:
  - July 29-30 (Thursday-Friday)
  - August 12-13 (Thursday-Friday)

While a number of people will be attending the Usenix Security
conference, it will be happening a little too late for any substantive
work on content decisions and validation of individual

Who would be able to attend at least one of the above meetings, or do
you have alternate dates?

- Steve

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