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Re: Level of Abstraction Issue: Similar Applications, "Same" Vulnerability

While I know I started this whole thing by saying "Same Attack" in the
first place, I agree that there's better terminology to use, because
we definitely don't want to emphasize the "attack" aspects of a
vulnerability.  Andre Frech used the term "Same Issue" which sounds
OK, but I'm more in favor of "Same Error."  I originally used "same
attack" because it seemed to be a relatively concrete and repeatable
way to describe the same type of vulnerability.

I agree with Russ that the vulnerability exploited by Sechole is
different than other vulnerabilities that grant privileges when
exploited.  In that particular case, it is my inexperience with the
details of NT vulnerabilities that caused that particular wording to
be used.  As Russ pointed out, in some cases we may not be given
enough information to truly identify the nature of a vulnerability
(it's not just Microsoft that does this).  But as more details emerge,
perhaps the description can be modified somewhat to be more accurate.

- Steve

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