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Re: The nomenclature process in other fields

"Steven M. Christey" wrote:
> This discussion of numbering schemes has led me to more closely
> examine how other fields deal with evolving nomenclature.  I've
> cruised the web and looked at examples from zoology, space geography,
> genetics, enzyme research, and biochemistry.  Some observations:


Excellent stuff, Steve!!

The observation that we are re-solving a problem that other
fields have wrestled with has been one of our mantras.  It 
makes perfect sense to me to follow the leads of the other
fields in terms of handling the naming process.  I have been
one of the most outspoken zealots of the minimalist CVE-1, CVE-2
type of naming scheme.  But I will also be the first to 
argue that we should stay close to the systems that have
already evolved in other fields.



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