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Birds of Feather Meeting - Follow Up


First off, let me say thanks for all of the fantastic
feedback we got from you at the BoF.  And let me especially 
thank Alan Paller for hosting the meeting in such high fashion
and Rob Kolstad for keeping us honest and for providing us
with great notes. Many, many thanks.

As Steve mentioned in his last e-mail, we will be meeting
with Jeff Sebring and a few others here at MITRE to discuss
what we heard at the BoF and to set near term priorities.
I would ask for your feedback on a few things:

1) Several people suggested that they would NOT be able to
provide MITRE with significant feedback on the contents
of the current CVE by our requested June 2 deadline. 
We want to declare this portion of the CVE to be done
and stable as soon as possible so that other work can
begin. On the other hand, it will only be stable if it
truly reflects the views of the community, so we need
your feedback.  Can you suggest a more reasonable time
that you could commit to?

2) As we set out to identify, prioritize and resolve the
remaining issues surrounding the CVE and your involvement
with it, I would urge us all to think hard about what are
"must haves" and what are "nice to haves".  I strongly 
suspect that there are some issues that we will not be
able to settle until we all get some more experience with
this stuff.  Further, I think we are all in agreement
that we need to keep up the good momentum and produce
something in this effort.  I think a reasonable strategy
for us to pursue is to get a CVE process in place that
is workable and to allow unresolved issues to mature
the process in the future.  If we are all thinking about
which issues are show-stoppers and which are not, then
we more easily know when to make the decision to table
issues for which agreement is not forthcoming.

Drop us line on the schedule issues and again, thanks
for all of your input and support.

Dave Mann

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