2010 Calendar of Events (Archive)

Date Event Location Description
Dec 6-7 2010 ITU-T security workshop "Addressing Security Challenges on a Global Scale" Geneva, Switzerland Making Security Measurable briefing
Nov 16-17 2010 Rethinking Cyber Security: A Systems-Based Approach Charlottesville, Virginia, USA CWE and Making Security Measurable briefing
Sep 27 - Oct 1 2010 DHS/DoD/NIST SwA Forum Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA Software Assurance and Making Security Measurable briefings
Sep 27-29 2010 6th Annual IT Security Automation Conference Baltimore, Maryland, USA CVE, CVSS, Making Security Measurable, and Software Assurance briefings; Making Security Measurable booth
Sept 20-21, 2010 Homeland Security for Networked Industries (HSNI) 2010 Conference and Expo Washington, D.C., USA SCAP Panel Discussion about CVE, CCE, CPE, OVAL, XCCDF, and OCIL; Making Security Measurable table booth
Aug 15-20 2010 6th Annual GFIRST National Conference San Antonio, Texas, USA Software Assurance and Making Security Measurable briefings
Jul 28-29 2010 Black Hat Briefings 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Making Security Measurable booth
June 14-16, 2010 Security Automation Developer Days 2010 Bedford, Massachusetts, USA Free conference hosted at MITRE Corporation; OVAL, CCE, and CPE are discussion topics
May 3-5, 2010 2010 FS-ISAC, FSTC, BITS Annual Summit St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA CVE and CVSS briefing; OVAL and CWE included as topics
Apr 21-23 2010 Source Boston Boston, Massachusetts, USA CVE briefing
Apr 19-21 2010 InfoSec World Conference & Expo 2010 Orlando, Florida, USA Making Security Measurable booth
Mar 9-12 2010 DHS/DoD/NIST SwA Forum McLean, Virginia, USA Making Security Measurable briefing; event hosted at MITRE Corporation
Mar 1-5 2010 RSA Conference 2010 San Francisco, California, USA Making Security Measurable booth
Feb 2-5 2010 2010 Information Assurance Symposium Nashville, Tennessee, USA Making Security Measurable booth
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