CVE Reference Map for Source WIN2KSEC

Description Win2KSecAdvice mailing list

This reference map lists the various references for WIN2KSEC and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-04-30.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

WIN2KSEC:20000630 Any LAN user can crash Sygate CVE-2000-0569
WIN2KSEC:20000817 Imail Web Service Remote DoS Attack v.2 CVE-2000-0825
WIN2KSEC:20000912 DST2K0027: DoS in Faststream FTP++ 2.0 CVE-2000-0831
WIN2KSEC:20000914 DST2K0028: DoS in FUR HTTP Server v1.0b CVE-2000-0838
WIN2KSEC:20000918 Double clicking on MS Office documents from Windows Explorer may execute arbitrary programs in some cases CVE-2000-0854
WIN2KSEC:20000921 DST2K0031: DoS in BrowseGate(Home) v2.80(H) CVE-2000-0908
WIN2KSEC:20000925 DST2K0030: DoS in EServ 2.92 Build 2982 CVE-2000-0907
WIN2KSEC:20001002 DST2K0035: Credit card (customer) details exposed within CyberOff ice Shopping Cart v2 CVE-2000-0925
WIN2KSEC:20001002 DST2K0036: Price modification possible in CyberOffice Shopping Ca rt CVE-2000-0926
WIN2KSEC:20001018 TransSoft's Broker FTP Server 3.x & 4.x Remote DoS attack Vulnerability CVE-2000-1116
WIN2KSEC:20001110 IE 5.x Win2000 Indexing service vulnerability CVE-2000-1105
WIN2KSEC:20001204 NAPTHA Advisory Updated - BindView RAZOR CVE-2000-1039
WIN2KSEC:20010122 Oracle JSP/SQLJS handlers allow viewing files and executing JSP outside the web root CVE-2001-0591
WIN2KSEC:20010301 SurgeFTP 1.0b Denial of Service CVE-2001-0697
WIN2KSEC:20010527 CVE-2001-0790
WIN2KSEC:20010921 Check Point FireWall-1 GUI Buffer Overflow CVE-2001-0940
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