CVE Reference Map for Source VULN-DEV

Description Posting to VULN-DEV mailing list

This reference map lists the various references for VULN-DEV and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-04-30.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

VULN-DEV:19990913 Guestbook perl script (long) CVE-1999-1053
VULN-DEV:19990916 Re: Guestbook perl script (error fix) CVE-1999-1053
VULN-DEV:20000520 Infinite loop in LOTUS NOTE 5.0.3. SMTP SERVER CVE-2000-1203
VULN-DEV:20000520 TopLayer layer 7 switch Advisory CVE-2000-0619
VULN-DEV:20000601 Kmail heap overflow CVE-2000-0481
VULN-DEV:20000601 Vulnerability in SNTS CVE-2000-0493
VULN-DEV:20000614 Update on TopLayer Advisory CVE-2000-0619
VULN-DEV:20000628 dalnet 4.6.5 remote vulnerability CVE-2000-0586
VULN-DEV:20000704 BitchX /ignore bug CVE-2000-0594
VULN-DEV:20000707 (no subject) CVE-2001-1013
VULN-DEV:20000707 Re: apache and 404/404 status codes CVE-2001-1013
VULN-DEV:20000707 Re: your mail CVE-2001-1013
VULN-DEV:20001107 Possible DOS in Bind 8.2.2-P5 CVE-2000-0887
VULN-DEV:20001109 Re: Possible DOS in Bind 8.2.2-P5 CVE-2000-0887
VULN-DEV:20001202 UDP Ping-pong in Win2k CVE-2001-0018
VULN-DEV:20010402 (no subject) CVE-2001-0486
VULN-DEV:20010417 gftp exploitable? CVE-2001-0489
VULN-DEV:20010420 Qpopper 4.0 Buffer Overflow CVE-2001-1046
VULN-DEV:20010421 QNX FIle Read Vulnerability CVE-2001-0624
VULN-DEV:20010430 some ftpd implementations mishandle CWD ~{ CVE-2001-0550
VULN-DEV:20010525 WFTPD 32-bit (X86) 3.00 R5 Directory Traversal / Buffer Overflow / DoS CVE-2001-0694
VULN-DEV:20010609 suid scotty / ntping overflow CVE-2001-0764
VULN-DEV:20010613 SCO atcronsh auditsh termsh overflows CVE-2001-1148
VULN-DEV:20010615 Re: suid scotty (ntping) overflow (fwd) CVE-2001-0764
VULN-DEV:20010621 New bugs, old bugs CVE-2001-1413
VULN-DEV:20010730 RE: bug w2k CVE-2001-1288
VULN-DEV:20010821 RE: Bug report -- Incident number 240649 CVE-2001-1149
VULN-DEV:20010922 XFree86 DOS / Buffer overflow local and remote. CVE-2001-0955
VULN-DEV:20011022 PalmOS crashes receiving SMS images using Handspring VisorPhone CVE-2001-1438
VULN-DEV:20011118 New bugs discovered! CVE-2001-1228
VULN-DEV:20011119 Killing Thread (New bugs discovered!) CVE-2001-1228
VULN-DEV:20011120 New bugs, old bugs CVE-2001-1228
VULN-DEV:20011129 possible remote command execution CVE-2001-0937
VULN-DEV:20011202 Vulnerability in SETI@home CVE-2001-1553
VULN-DEV:20011205 OpenSSH UseLogin proof of concept exploit CVE-2001-0872
VULN-DEV:20011215 Security hole in IMessenger ( PHP-Nuke ) CVE-2001-1522
VULN-DEV:20011215 Serious bug in IMessenger ( php-nuke ) CVE-2001-1522
VULN-DEV:20011216 CSS in DMOZGateway ( php-nuke ) CVE-2001-1523
VULN-DEV:20011220 1 last CSS hole in PHPNuke :) CVE-2001-1524
VULN-DEV:20011230 blackshell1: Multiple Prolems with Vandykes SecureCRT CVE-2001-1466
VULN-DEV:20020102 Re: [VulnWatch] blackshell3: multiple pwck/grpck vulnerabilities CVE-2002-1594
VULN-DEV:20020104 Cross-Site Scripting in PlumTree? CVE-2002-0205
VULN-DEV:20020105 RealPlayer Buffer Problem CVE-2002-0207
VULN-DEV:20020106 CSS in PHPNuke add-on CVE-2002-1995
VULN-DEV:20020107 ICQ remote buffer overflow vulnerability CVE-2002-0028
VULN-DEV:20020116 efax CVE-2002-0129
VULN-DEV:20020117 Re: efax - Exploitation info CVE-2002-0130
VULN-DEV:20020121 Security holes in COWS (CGI Online Worldweb Shopping) CVE-2002-1680
VULN-DEV:20020130 Enumerating users on a Domino webserver CVE-2002-2014
VULN-DEV:20020131 Big Security Holes in Portix-PHP Portal CVE-2002-2084
VULN-DEV:20020205 Security Hole in WWWeBBB forum CVE-2002-2085
VULN-DEV:20020212 mpg321 CVE-2002-0272
VULN-DEV:20020219 MSDE, Sql Server 7 & 2000 Adhoc Heterogenous Queries Buffer Overflow and DOS CVE-2002-0056
VULN-DEV:20020219 RE: Blueworld WebData Engine 1.6.5 CVE-2002-2118
VULN-DEV:20020220 Help needed with bufferoverflow in cvs CVE-2002-0092
VULN-DEV:20020220 Re: [Fwd: Help needed with bufferoverflow in cvs] CVE-2002-0092
VULN-DEV:20020222 Censoft TERM Emu bOf CVE-2002-0327
VULN-DEV:20020225 Re: Rumours about Apache 1.3.22 exploits CVE-2002-0081
VULN-DEV:20020225 Unreal ircd Format String Vuln CVE-2002-1675
VULN-DEV:20020227 Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] Security Advisory about IRC DCC connection tracking CVE-2002-0060
VULN-DEV:20020227 listar / ecaris remote or local? CVE-2002-0468
VULN-DEV:20020305 Latest Kaffe Java Virtual Machine Format Strings issue. CVE-2002-2022
VULN-DEV:20020309 DoS in SurfControl's EmailFilter CVE-2002-2121
VULN-DEV:20020313 X_holes CVE-2002-2044 CVE-2002-2045 CVE-2002-2046
VULN-DEV:20020318 phpBB2 remote execution command CVE-2002-0473
VULN-DEV:20020322 One more way to bypass NAV CVE-2002-0485
VULN-DEV:20020327 Root compromise through LogWatch 2.1.1 CVE-2002-0162
VULN-DEV:20020404 (WSS-Advisories-02003) PHPBB BBcode Process Vulnerability CVE-2002-0533
VULN-DEV:20020409 Security holes in ASP-Nuke CVE-2002-0520 CVE-2002-0521 CVE-2002-0522 CVE-2002-0523 CVE-2002-0524
VULN-DEV:20020409 Security holes in Powerboard forum CVE-2002-1723
VULN-DEV:20020416 FileSeek cgi script advisory CVE-2002-0611 CVE-2002-0612
VULN-DEV:20020417 Smalls holes on 5 products #1 CVE-2002-0375
VULN-DEV:20020419 OpenSSH 2.2.0 - 3.1.0 server contains a locally exploitable buffer overflow CVE-2002-0575
VULN-DEV:20020427 Security holes in 11 products... CVE-2002-2064
VULN-DEV:20020428 QPopper 4.0.4 buffer overflow CVE-2002-0889
VULN-DEV:20020503 Macromedia Flash Activex Buffer overflow CVE-2002-0605
VULN-DEV:20020504 Security holes : PHP Image View, NewsPro, Photo DB, As_web, GuestBook CVE-2002-1724 CVE-2002-1725 CVE-2002-1726 CVE-2002-1727 CVE-2002-1728 CVE-2002-1729 CVE-2002-1730 CVE-2002-1734
VULN-DEV:20020506 ldap vulnerabilities CVE-2002-0735
VULN-DEV:20020509 Sar -o exploitation process info. CVE-1999-1570 CVE-1999-1571
VULN-DEV:20020511 Gaim abritary Email Reading CVE-2002-0377
VULN-DEV:20020512 Security holes : Pseudo-Frame, PG, KvPoll, Phorum, BanMat CVE-2002-2340 CVE-2002-2342
VULN-DEV:20020523 Security holes in OpenBB CVE-2002-1829 CVE-2002-1830
VULN-DEV:20020529 New Kismet Packages available - SayText() and suid kismet_server issues CVE-2002-0904
VULN-DEV:20020531 Mnews 1.22 PoC exploit CVE-2002-0909
VULN-DEV:20020603 Security holes in two Teekai's products + security hole in CVE-2002-2054 CVE-2002-2055 CVE-2002-2056 CVE-2002-2057 CVE-2002-2058
VULN-DEV:20020604 PFinger Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. CVE-2002-2048
VULN-DEV:20020604 SRT Security Advisory (SRT2002-06-04-1011): slurp CVE-2002-0913
VULN-DEV:20020604 SRT Security Advisory (SRT2002-06-04-1711): SCO crontab CVE-2002-0716
VULN-DEV:20020621 solaris 9 sparc rcp CVE-2002-2089
VULN-DEV:20020622 Another flaw in Apache? CVE-2002-0653
VULN-DEV:20020625 Noguska Nola 1.1.1 [ Intranet Business Management Software ] CVE-2002-1841
VULN-DEV:20020702 Re: Noguska Nola 1.1.1 [ Intranet Business Management Software ] CVE-2002-1841
VULN-DEV:20020709 VANED LABS: icecast filesystem disclosure CVE-2002-1982
VULN-DEV:20020711 SQL Server 7 & 2000 Installation process and Service Packs write encoded passwords to a file CVE-2002-0643
VULN-DEV:20020712 Vulnerability found: The Adobe eBook Library CVE-2002-1018 CVE-2002-1019 CVE-2002-1020
VULN-DEV:20020727 Phenoelit Advisory #0815 ++-+ dp_300 (DLINK) CVE-2002-1068
VULN-DEV:20020806 qmailadmin SUID buffer overflow CVE-2002-1414
VULN-DEV:20020815 SILLY BEHAVIOR : Internet Explorer 5.5 - 6.0 CVE-2002-0980
VULN-DEV:20020821 Apache Tomcat 4.1 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability CVE-2002-1567
VULN-DEV:20020909 netris-0.5. CVE-2002-1566
VULN-DEV:20030507 Buffer overflow in Explorer.exe CVE-2003-0306
VULN-DEV:20030604 possible remote buffer overflow in atftpd CVE-2003-0380
VULN-DEV:20030614 Directory traversal vulnerability on Xoops/E-xoops CMS module "tutorials" CVE-2003-0491
VULN-DEV:20030826 gtkftpd[v1.0.4(and below)]: remote root buffer overflow exploit. CVE-2003-0755
VULN-DEV:20030903 Re: exim remote heap overflow, probably not exploitable CVE-2003-0743
VULN-DEV:20040120 Re: vBulletin Security Vulnerability CVE-2004-0091
VULN-DEV:20040120 vBulletin Security Vulnerability CVE-2004-0091
VULN-DEV:20040123 RE: vBulletin Security Vulnerability CVE-2004-0091
VULN-DEV:20040128 Re: Oracle toplink mapping workbench password algorithm CVE-2004-2134
VULN-DEV:20040207 Sambar 6.0 stack overflow CVE-2004-2086
VULN-DEV:20040209 rsync <= 2.5.7 local buffer overflow (no root today:) CVE-2004-2093
VULN-DEV:20040514 IE Crash - Anyone Seen This Before? CVE-2004-0479
VULN-DEV:20040516 Re: IE Crash - Anyone Seen This Before? CVE-2004-0479
VULN-DEV:20040821 GADU-GADU Instant messanger - long file name CVE-2004-2530
VULN-DEV:20040925 No body emails and Norton antivirus CVE-2004-2147
VULN-DEV:20050329 dnsmasq <2.21 off-by-one CVE-2005-0876
VULN-DEV:20051113 (CORRECTION) memory leak and eventual DOS when calling UPNP getdevicelist on windows 2000 server CVE-2005-3644
VULN-DEV:20051113 memory leak and eventual DOS when calling UPNP getdevicelist on windows 2000 server CVE-2005-3644
VULN-DEV:20060506 DIA file name handling format string CVE-2006-2480
VULN-DEV:20080229 *BSD user-ppp local root (when conditions permit) CVE-2008-1215
VULN-DEV:20080301 Re: *BSD user-ppp local root (when conditions permit) CVE-2008-1215
VULN-DEV:20080418 Aztech ADSL2/2+ 4 Port default password CVE-2008-6588
VULN-DEV:20080421 Re: Aztech ADSL2/2+ 4 Port default password CVE-2008-6588
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